Pakistan seeks investigation into Indian authorities’ brutality against Assam Muslims

Pakistan has asked the Indian government to investigate the recent anti-Muslim violence in Assam and other such incidents that have taken place throughout the country, punish the perpetrators of these crimes, and take measures to stop such events from recurring in the future.

Two people were killed and 11 injured Thursday when Indian police committed violence against Muslims in Assam in a bid to drive them from alleged encroachments on government land.


Pakistan’s demand came when Indian Charge d’ Affaires Cd’A was summoned to the Foreign Office today. During the meeting, the government conveyed its grave concern over the incident, a statement from the Foreign Office said.

The video showing the killing of an unarmed man by the police and the desecration of his mortal remains by individuals embedded with the security forces is shocking beyond belief, the Foreign Office said about the incident.

It was conveyed to the Indian official that the recent incidents of violence are, unfortunately, only a continuation of the relentless anti-Muslim violence that has become a norm in India under state patronage, the statement said.

“Security forces are either themselves involved in perpetrating brutalities against Muslims with impunity or provide protection to the ‘Hindutva’ extremists and terrorists who regularly indulge in lynching and other forms of torture against Muslims,” the statement said.

A series of anti-Muslim and anti-minority legislation enacted by the Indian government and incidents of violence against Muslims highlight the rising levels of intolerance and lack of respect for the minority communities in India, the statement said.

The clashes occurred at Dholpur 3 in northern Assam’s Darrang area, one of the four places where the police targeted its anti-encroachment drive. Around 800 families have been evicted from the land, who are accused of “illegally occupying” government property.

“Two civilians are probably dead and two more injured, along with nine police personnel. A mob of not less than 4,000 resisted the eviction drive by throwing stones at the police and attacking them with sharpened bamboo sticks,” claimed Darrang’s Superintendent of Police, Sushanta Biswa Sarma.

A video from the incident went gone viral on social media. In the video, several Assam cops could be seen in anti-riot gear, mercilessly thrashing a man with sticks even as he lay motionless on the ground.

A man carrying a camera could be seen angrily stomping the man’s face as he lays there on the ground, not moving. Another police officer then jumps in and hits the man on the face with a stick before the others beckon him to leave.

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